by Patricia A. Stone

(Published by Cormorant Books, 1991)


Quill & Quire:

"Close Calls" is a welcome addition to the genre of coming-of- age fiction for adults."

Books in Canada:

"Aptly titled and skillfully framed, the 10 stories of Patricia Stone's Close Calls are linked by an attentive and neatly quirky narrative voice.. . . Through a series of delicately rendered adventures and narrow escapes, girls and women experience the ambiguities of life, other people, and themselves. Stone is very effective at conveying the physical experience of emotion."

Concordia University's "The Link" Newspaper:

"Stone's work is interesting and original in that it tells stories that are not commonly written, with a style rich in imagery."

The Edmonton Journal:

"Close Calls presents girlhood in a non-romanticized light. Bleak, thoughtful, it is not a one-night read. The protagonists can be easily recognized in any group, and there is a wealth of familiar detail about girlhood. . . The cumulative effect of Close Calls is impressive."

The Toronto Star:

"Stone makes a genuine contribution to the ever growing body of literature devoted to coming of age in North America."

Kingston Whig Standard:

"Individually the stories [in Close Calls] are strong; together, thematically linked as they are, they form a compelling but sobering collection."

Paragraph Magazine:

"This is not a collection to be browsed through. . . These stories are frankly disturbing, revealing as they do the reality beneath the social construct of the family."

Event: The Douglas College Review:

"What makes these stories so powerful is that they make clear that the danger is everywhere, though it is not often deadly. . . . . Close Calls, entertaining and thought-provoking from the first page to the last, is the one that demands attention."

The University of Toronto Quarterly:

"This is a physical collection, strongly sensory despite its focus on control and deceit. . . In the risks that she takes, in the escapes that persist, Stone exhibits a finely strung and articulate imagination."